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Build Green


Halfacre Construction offers its expertise as a green building provider with the resources available to build viable, effective alternatives to reduce energy consumption and preserve natural resources. Our staff includes U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) certified professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in green building practices and who possess a thorough grasp of the LEED Green Building Rating System.

Our design/build planning and consulting team can develop the latest in energy-efficient, green building solutions for your commercial or industrial building project. Solutions such as:

  • Photo voltaic cells to provide part of the building’s electrical load
  • Green roof systems that decrease solar load and provide green space for birds
  • Light colored roof systems to reflect solar radiation
  • Day lighting via energy efficient skylights to maximize the use of natural light and provide occupants with an aesthetically pleasing connection to the outside
  • High efficiency lighting systems that reduce lighting energy consumption
  • Occupancy sensors to power off light in unoccupied areas
  • HVAC recovery systems to pre-cool outside air
  • Solar and tankless water heaters to heat water and reduce energy consumption
  • Water conserving fixtures to reduce building water consumption
  • Rainwater collection systems to collect and recycle storm water
  • Florida-friendly, native plant landscaping adhering to Florida Yards program standards that reduce water consumption
  • Pervious surface parking lot systems that allow storm water to drain through the parking lot rather than flow into detention ponds
  • And more solutions as new and innovative products and processes become available

Improving building operating standards can optimize energy performance and reduce energy consumption, easing the strain on budgets and our environment. Halfacre Construction is poised to build your next green building project.

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