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Why Halfacre

When choosing a commercial builder, there is a lot more to it than “sticks and bricks,” as industry insiders say. There are many competent builders who can provide decent construction services at a competitive price—but again, that is just the sticks and bricks. Everyone knows that a building is only as strong as its foundation and that is where Halfacre Construction towers over the competition. Our core areas stand as a strong foundation beneath Halfacre Construction: integrity, expertise, financial stability, community and longevity.


At Halfacre Construction, our reputation for honesty and follow-through is well known throughout the region. While the days of handshake agreements may be a thing of the past, the team at Halfacre works with those same old-fashioned values where a person’s word meant something. Just like his father before him, owner Jack Cox carries that integrity both inside and outside the business. Our community knows from experience that it can trust Jack Cox and Halfacre Construction.


One measure of Halfacre Construction’s expertise is the very landscape of southwest Florida which is scattered with construction projects built by Halfacre. Owner Jack Cox was raised in the business, learning the trades firsthand in the hot Florida sun. Our staff consists of some of the best in the industry—many who have worked together at Halfacre for many years. Our internal processes and systems are tried and tested. Our collaborative, integrated relationships with architects and owners mean we maximize every construction dollar spent. Our roster of highly qualified, licensed subcontractors has been hand-picked because of their quality, reliability, and integrity.


halfacre-bondingWith almost 40 years and nearly three generations of a successful commercial construction business behind us, we’re confident that we’ll still be here tomorrow. In spite of the changing climate of the construction industry, our business remains steady and strong. Whether you’re a repeat customer or a prospective one, you can rest assured that Halfacre Construction has the financial resources to continue building southwest Florida and beyond.


Giving back is part of our corporate culture here at Halfacre Construction. We live here; we give here; we love it here. Jack Cox and Halfacre Construction are tightly woven into the fabric that makes up the southwest Florida philanthropic community and are dedicated to donating both time and money to children’s and educational charities to improve the quality of life in the region. Customers that choose Halfacre Construction can trust that we will go above and beyond to make a positive impact on our community.


Sound businesses last a long time for good reasons – many satisfied customers. Since 1970, Halfacre Construction has been building southwest Florida’s commercial and industrial markets. Nearly a third of our clients are repeat business and some clients have been with us for several decades. We are not too big that we can’t deliver personalized, customized service; and we’re not too small to handle industry-sized jobs. Our over 50-year history with area subcontractors means we know who to call and how to get it done well. Our history and longevity are just one more foundation behind our commitment to excellence as a builder of choice.

Your project-on time, within budget, supported by integrity and expertise.

Halfacre Construction’s foundational strengths serve as evidence that your commercial or industrial construction project will be delivered on time, within budget, with the utmost integrity, and with the expertise and financial strength necessary for success.