Halfacre Construction Company, the area’s oldest, most established, locally owned and operated private commercial construction company, is always looking to offer hands-on experience to those interested in the industry.

“Internships are an ideal way for young professionals to get hands-on experience and understand the nuances of the day-to-day operations of our company,” said Jack Cox, president of Halfacre Construction Company. “Our interns gain a great deal of knowledge about the field during their time with us, and we’ve hired quite a few full time after their experience here. They work on a variety of community projects that allow their passions to be put to good use.”

Halfacre’s newest intern, Will Evans, joined the team in late June. He is a recent graduate of Riverview High School, and is looking forward to spending the summer with Halfacre. Below, Will answered a few questions about his new role and shares a little more about himself.

Q: What made you interested in the construction field?

A: I became interested in construction not too long ago, around when I became interested in civil engineering. I have some family friends that are civil engineers, and they would explain their jobs in construction, so that’s what really got me interested.

Q: Why did you apply for an internship with Halfacre Construction Company?

A: I applied for an internship at Halfacre because I know the owner, Jack Cox, through Riverview High School Lacrosse and he believed that I could learn a lot about the industry and field. After he talked to me about the internship, I was very excited and applied immediately.

Q: What will your primary role/responsibilities be during your internship?

A: I am the superintendent at the construction site located at Riverside RV Resort in Arcadia. Here I will supervise and make sure everything runs smoothly. I will also be working with Greg Witt with whatever work I can help with. For example, I am visiting Terra Ceia RV Resort to meet with different subcontractors for pricing on the renovations being made there.

Q: What do you hope to take away from this internship?

A: I hope to take away a lot of what really happens on a construction site as well as the jobs done in the office. This is just a springboard into my college education to get a background for how this field works and what it requires.

Q: Where do you plan to attend college?

A: I plan on attending the University of Florida.

Q: What do you plan on studying?

A: I plan on studying civil engineering, although I don’t know which kind of civil engineer I want to be yet.

Q: Have you always lived in Sarasota?

A: Yes, I have lived in Sarasota my entire life and my family has lived here for 4 generations now!

Q: What’s something you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: An activity I like to do in my free time is golf. A lot of my friends have recently been getting into golf, so this has caused a recent love for the sport! I also really like to hang out with my friends.

Q: We heard you were recognized with an award recently. Can you tell us more about that?

A: Yes, definitely! I was recently named as Player of the Year for Boys Lacrosse at Riverview High School.