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Your Project—On Time, Within Budget, Supported by Integrity and Expertise


Tried and true experience—that’s what Halfacre Construction brings to the table before any commercial or industrial project begins. When our team first reviews your goals and analyzes your next project, we’re already thinking of value engineering—or how to get the maximum value within the constraints of your budget, schedule, environmental concerns, and every other variable that comes into play.


Halfacre Construction’s corporate culture and methodology integrates seamlessly with the design/build concept of construction. This collaborative approach to building integrates the skills and expertise of the architect, engineer, and contractor creating a leaner, cleaner project. Using this method, we design project cost controls into the plans. We use materials and technology efficiently and effectively to lower costs, shorten schedules, and reduce waste—without compromising quality.


Halfacre Construction’s partnerships with local industry is founded on long-term relationships and an extensive, personal history in the area. Over the years, Halfacre has worked with many companies and individuals to design and construct custom buildings uniquely suited for the customer’s needs.

Construction Management

Although the hard bid is still the dominant method of executing construction projects, the construction management at risk delivery method has become popular for many projects, particularly hard-to-define renovation projects. As in a design/build approach, the construction manager works closely with the client and the design team early in the process. At some point in the process, the owner and Construction Manager (CM) will negotiate a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to cover estimated costs, general conditions and a CM fee.


Halfacre Construction is poised to offer bids and proposals with accuracy and integrity, never compromising quality or safety for the sake of providing the lowest bid. While our design-bid-build approach represents a competitive and accurate representation of projected costs and schedules with due diligence executed in the preparation process.


Renovating offices, retail establishments, schools and other commercial and industrial facilities are specialties of Halfacre Construction. In the many years since Halfacre’s inception, we’ve gained valuable experienced in every phase of renovation projects—from demolition to reconstruction. Our team of design and construction management professionals can help plan and execute your renovation from start to finish. No matter the size or scale of the renovation, we stand solidly behind our work and reputation as a builder of excellence.


When it comes to building and enhancing municipal structures, Halfacre Construction relies on many years of experience in the public arena. Halfacre currently administers small- to medium-sized projects for county schools and parks in eight Florida counties. We are the largest turnkey modular classroom installation/replacement company in Florida. Our hard-earned expertise in this area was gained through ownership of a modular manufacturing facility.