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Public Work

CentCom Memorial

Macdill AFB, Tampa, FL

When it comes to building and enhancing municipal structures, Halfacre Construction relies on many years of experience in the public arena. Halfacre currently administers small- to medium-sized projects for county schools and parks in eight Florida counties. We are the largest turnkey modular classroom installation/replacement company in Florida. Our hard-earned expertise in this area was gained through ownership of a modular manufacturing facility.

Due to our experience working with municipalities around the state, we have grown familiar with the processes and requirements of government projects. Some of our client counties and parks have been able to piggyback on other municipalities with similar requirements to quickly expedite projects and avoid the time-consuming and frustrating process of obtaining public bids. With a strong history of municipal projects, the Halfacre team has developed a database and excellent relationships with many competent subcontractors. We have encouraged many of these contractors to register as small business or minority enterprises.